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Mexican Auto Insurance
Travel/Evacuation Insurance

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There are two types of insurance to consider: Mexican auto insurance, and international medical and evacuation insurance.

Mexican auto insurance, for a person on a street legal motorcycle driving in Mexico, gives you liability coverage and (optionally) theft and collision coverage. It is widely available via the internet, though we use and recommend BajaBound.  Note that if your name is not on the registration as the legal owner, you may need a note from the legal owner giving you permission to take it into Mexico in order to obtain insurance coverage or to file a claim.  Mexican law now mandates that all drivers carry auto insurance with liability coverage.  

International Medical and Evacuation coverage covers your medical expenses while outside of the U.S. if you need medical care/attention, and additionally covers evacuation flights to the U.S. if necessary. Your U.S. insurance may cover you while abroad, including costs to evacuate you to the U.S., so check first to see what coverages you may have with them before purchasing a policy.

If they don't, you're not sure, or you just don't want to take any chances, you should check out the affordable, short-term policies offered by either of the two companies below:

Global Rescue International - Emergency Evac and Field Rescue Insurance

USI Affinity - Medical and Evacuation Insurance for Travel

While they're more expensive, also includes "field rescue" in their plans.

Even if you purchase a policy with evacuation insurance, you should seriously consider a membership with BEMCC.  This is a service that facilitates evacuations from Baja, Mexico to emergency/trauma centers in the United States in a medical emergency.  They have the contacts, connections, and most of all experience to cut through all the red tape to get you out of Mexico fast if you need urgent medical care.  Check out their website at GripTwister Tours highly recommends purchasing a membership in BEMCC. 

Note that this service is made to enhance and work in conjunction with your insurance provider-- it is not an evacuation insurance policy itself.

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