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2024 Olympic Mountains Loop GPS Tour

With this tour, you will be making a loop that essentially follows the closest continuous route around Olympic National Park in Washington state, with the exception of a leg west of Port Angeles that takes the route around the north side of Crescent lake (which itself is in the National Park).   This beautiful route makes the tightest loop around the park possible without back-tracking.  Where one leg ends, the next leg starts. All roads are forest service or other public roads--we don't utilize private roads, and approximately 85% of the route is unpaved...   It's back roads almost all the way, baby!   Included are short side-routes that guide the rider to some of the most spectacular vistas and points of interest.

As with all of our self-guided tours, this one includes many, many campsite waypoints-- including a description of each.  When you're ready to call it a day, just use your GPS to do a search for the nearest waypoints, and you'll find a remote camp spot that's right along your route.  Our waypoint naming structure makes it easy for you to determine when you're getting close to the campsite, without having to interrupt your current route to plug in the campsite as a final destination. Same goes for fuel locations.

Unless otherwise indicated, all remote campsites are right along the routes, and we detail each campsite's features.  We've analyzed and indexed all the best camping opportunities, most of them no charge "primitive" or "dispersed" campsites with great seclusion, and rated them on a 5 star scale.  But we also note the features and costs of the official campgrounds, as well as provide information on cabins, motels and other lodging options.

The route naturally travels through small towns at several infrequent but somewhat evenly spaced sections, which allows for refueling and re-supplying at regular intervals.  However, we've noted some additional fuel and resupply points in a few of the longer and more remote sections of the tour.  Determining the closest gas station is made easy as well with our waypoint naming structure.

Combined length of all the legs (full circle) is approximately 550 miles.  At moderate speeds with minimal stopping, this ride is doable in a 3 day weekend...but why not take an extra day or so and make it a relaxing tour that allows you to stop and enjoy some side-routes and take a few pictures?

The individual routes of this tour make great day rides, or can be used in a mixture with some riding of US 101 as well, if your needs call for some high speed pavement or a "grand tour" of the Olympic peninsula.

Navigating a tour like this without this guide would take many days of planning, more than $50 worth of maps, and a week or more of riding to find a successful route.  Why waste your time and money when the work has already been done for you?

......What's Included......

Included in Package:

A CD ROM (and digital download option) containing GPX files for downloading the tour to your GPS receiver or smartphone.   Also on the CD/download are detailed instructions on how to download the GPX file to your GPS receiver or smartphone, as well as how to use the tour successfully.   In addition, you'll receive a sturdy, completely waterproof 8.5 by 5.5 inch spiral bound quick reference/index guide for taking with you on your ride.  It contains an overview of -and helpful advice for- each route of the tour, as well as suggested side routes to take.  It also has an index of all the campsites and points of interest on the tour, with a brief description (and ratings for each campsite), organized by route.  You'll also find information on lodging options, including prices, features and phone numbers organized by route as well.

*Note:  If you choose to receive digital delivery of the tour, you will need to furnish a Gmail address. You will still receive the booklet and CD-ROM via USPS Priority mail as well.

The Forest Service closes some interior roads to vehicular travel during the winter, usually between October 31 and April 30th.  There is only one short section of the tour that is affected by these closures. Directions for bypassing this section can be found on the "Oly Loop Updates" page.

2024 Olympic Mtns. Loop GPS Tour

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