Olympics Loop GPS Tour Package

"Taking you off the beaten path... to a beaten path."

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Olympic Loop Tour Package

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Included in Package:

A CD ROM containing the Garmin .gdb file for downloading the routes and waypoints to your GPS receiver using MapSource.   Also on the CD are detailed instructions and descriptions of the tour, with many photos from the tour.   In addition, you'll receive a sturdy, completely waterproof 8.5 by 5.5 inch spiral bound quick reference/index guide for taking with you on your ride.  It contains an overview of -and helpful advice for- each route of the tour, as well as suggested sideroutes to take.  It also has an index of all the campsites and points of interest on the tour, with a brief description (and ratings for each campsite), organized by route.  You'll also find information on lodging options, including prices, features and phone numbers organized by route as well.

*Note:  You do not need to have any mapsets loaded on your GPS receiver to utilize this tour.  They are optional, but are recommended to get more enjoyment out of the tour.

2009 Olympic Mtns. Loop GPS Tour

$49.95 +$6 S/H.  (WA residents + tax)

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