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Baja Maps for Garmin GPS Receivers

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Coming Soon

Detailed Mapsets of Baja

for Garmin brand receivers

Detailed downloadable maps of Baja for GPS receivers have been a desire of many for years.  This is not a Garmin brand MapSource product, but rather custom mapsets created by GripTwister Tours out of a desire and need for highly detailed mapsets of Baja like those commercially available of the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  This first edition will not be routable, and will have detail similar to what the US Roads & Rec has.  It is enhanced with extra information and details that Baja "users" want and need, such as:  missions, mines,  Pemex stations, quarries, "backroads", two-tracks,  trails, microwave towers, dry lakes, arroyos, and more.  Expected availability is spring 2008.  Expected price is $150 US.  To be notified by email when it is available for purchase, please Contact Us

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