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Baja California Loop GPS Tour

With this tour, you will be making a giant loop that encompasses some of the best riding on both coasts of the Baja peninsula as well as the rugged interior.  Where one leg ends, the next leg starts. Virtually all roads are long time public access roads--we don't utilize private roads, and approximately 85% of the route is unpaved...   It's dirt almost all the way, baby!   At several points, you'll have a choice of two routes to get you to the destination... an easier route that's BIG bike friendly, or a harder route that will tax both man and machine, but with payoffs in the form of great vistas, extreme remoteness and some just plain killer riding.

As with all of our self-guided tours, we've analyzed and indexed many of the best camping opportunities along the route, and include a brief description of each in the index of the accompanying booklet.  When you're ready to call it a day, just use your GPS to do a search for the nearest waypoints, and you'll find a remote campsite that's right along your route. Most are no charge "primitive" campsites with great seclusion, and include our own rating on a 5 star scale. We also include the locations, amenities and costs of motels, lodges, cabins and other traditional lodging options. Our waypoint naming structure makes it easy for you to determine when you're getting close to the campsite or motel, without having to interrupt your current route to plug in the waypoint as a final destination. Same goes for fuel locations.

The route naturally travels through small population centers and towns at infrequent but somewhat evenly spaced distances, which allows for refueling and re-supplying at regular intervals, and of course we've included waypoints for all of the PEMEX stations (government run fuel stations) along the route.  However, we also include waypoints for additional "emergency" fuel points where fuel can be purchased out of cans for those times when you just need fuel NOW.  Again, determining the closest gas station or fuel availability is made easy by our unique waypoint naming and categorizing structure.

In addition, many parts of this tour are considered to be very remote, where a break down without a means of communicating your location and or situation could be grave. For this reason, we also include the locations of remote ranches and dwellings that are known to be inhabited, so that wherever you are, if it comes to it, you'll know the closest way to go for help.

Combined length of the tour (full circle) is approximately 1100 miles, depending on the options you choose. It can be done in 6 days or less...but this is Mexico... why not take an extra day or two and make it a relaxing tour that allows you to stop and enjoy your surroundings and the hospitality of the people, and perhaps take a few pictures?   Plus, there are optional side routes to some pretty cool spots that could easily eat up another day or two.

The manner in which this tour is laid out gives you the opportunity in a few places to opt for some additional high speed pavement riding instead of dirt, if your needs or desires call for a break from the dirt, or if you're riding a heavily loaded liter+ beast and would simply prefer a break.

Navigating a route like this without this tour package would take many, many reconnaissance trips or a seasoned Baja veteran rider to guide you.  Why waste your time and money when we've already done the work for you?

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Back Cover

Book Cover

Included in the Package:

A CD ROM containing the GPX file for downloading the routes and waypoints to your GPS receiver and detailed instructions for use.

A sturdy, completely waterproof 8.5 by 5.5 inch spiral bound tour book with waypoint index for taking with you on your ride.  In addition to instructions and helpful hints for using the GPS tour, it contains an overview of -and helpful advice for- each route of the tour, as well as optional side routes to take.  It has an index of all the lodging options, including prices, features and phone numbers organized by route, as well as campsites and points of interest on the tour, with a brief description (and ratings for each campsite), also organized by route.  You'll also find lots of useful information about travel in Baja, and of course great info specifically regarding preparing and riding a "moto" in Baja. The idea is that you'll have more than enough info to inspire confidence in the journey you are about to undertake.

2018 Baja California Loop GPS Tour

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